First Look at Next Week's Weather: April 6-12

Cooler temps expected in the East, much warmer in plains states

Weather April 6-12, 2014

BERWYN, Pa. -- The month of April is bringing warmth in the West, driving seasonal purchasing. The East Coast, Midwest and Eastern Canada, meanwhile, will be cooler than last year, limiting spring product demand, according to projections by Planalytics, the Berwyn, Pa.-based business weather intelligence firm. Meanwhile, flooding concerns continue in several regions.

For reference, next week last year the United States was warmer than normal, driven by record heat in the East. Rainfall was the most to begin April since 1991. Canada had its coldest start to April since 1997, with the most rain since 2002.

Here's a look at what to expect this year:

  • Next week, the East Coast will trend cooler than last year as the region is comping an early Spring heat wave in 2013. Temperatures in the Northeast will also be cooler than normal, while the Southeast will be near typical. Much of the interior and Western regions will trend warmer than last year and warmer than normal, as well.
  • An early-week system will bring rainfall across the Plains into the Southeast. Severe weather may be associated with this weather system.
  • Flooding will continue to be a concern for regions from the Great Lakes through the Southeast, as snow melt and ice jams on waterways push southward with warming conditions. Demand for clean-up products should increase.
  • Most of the United States will see drier-than-normal conditions, with the Pacific Northwest looking to be wetter than average, with heavy rainfall possible. The potential for localized flooding exists for this region.
  • Eastern Canada will trend colder than last year and colder than normal, while Western locations will be warmer than last year and normal. Overall, Canada looks to enjoy a notable warm up from the cold temperatures that have dominated the country through most of March. Dry conditions will be prevalent across most of the region.