First Look at Next Week's Weather: March 23-29

Strong seasonal demand from South Central U.S. through the Mid-Atlantic

Weather for week of March 23

BERWYN, Pa. -- The first full week of spring will continue to feel like winter for much of the United States, according to projections by Planalytics, the Berwyn, Pa.-based business weather intelligence firm.

For reference, next week last year the U.S. had its coldest fourth week of March since 2006, with the least rainfall since 1986, and above normal snow.

Here's a look at what to expect this year:

  • Next week, while temperatures will cool compared to this week for many, there will still be regional opportunities to drive Spring purchasing.
  • The week begins with much warmer temperatures to last year throughout the majority of the United States and the Canadian Prairies.
  • By midweek, a colder trend will begin to develop in the West, and slowly spread toward the East. The northern Great Lakes, New England region, and the majority of Canada and the western U.S. will trend colder than last year, and normal, for much of the week.
  • The chance for winter precipitation will accompany the colder trend with the highest likelihood for moderate to heavy snow focused in the Northeast and Eastern Canada as well as higher elevations of the West. A wintry mix is expected from the Central Plains through the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast.
  • The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions will hold on to the warmer temperatures throughout the week, aiding demand of lawn care, spring apparel, and fitness drinks. Moderate to heavy rain as well as severe weather is possible along the Gulf Coast.
  • In the West, moderate rain will fall from central California through Washington, bringing much needed precipitation to the area.