Git-R-Done Initiates Distribution With Core-Mark

New product from Hangover Joe available in June

Git-R-Done Energy Shot Hangover Joe (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)

DENVER -- Hangover Joe's Holding Corp., the maker of The Hangover Recovery Shot and developer of the Git-R-Done-Energy Shot with Git-R-Done Productions Inc. and "Larry the Cable Guy," has announced product acceptance at Core-Mark International Inc.'s Corona, Calif., distribution center.

The company will be launching the new Git-R-Done-Energy Shot within Core-Mark divisions on the West Coast and East Coast, expecting the product to be available to convenience stores and other retail outlets in June.

"Core-Mark is a major North American presence. Acceptance will soon grow to encompass the nation so that stores can order the new Git-R-Done Energy Shot direct from Core-Mark," said Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe's Inc., Denver. "We are very grateful to have this opportunity and look forward to making the acquaintance of as many parts of the Core-Mark team as we can during the upcoming trade show."

This health and wellness energy shot is noncaffeinated, and an all-natural healthy energy shot with no sugar; it is powered with antioxidant Astaxanthin.

Core-Mark is one of the largest marketers of fresh and broad-line supply solutions to the convenience retail industry in North America. It offers a full range of products, marketing programs and technology solutions to approximately 30,000 customer locations in the United States and Canada through 28 logistics and supply-chain management distribution centers. Two of Core-Mark's distribution centers are dedicated to the purchasing and distribution of general merchandise, health and beauty care and frozen products.

Core-Mark also operates two third-party logistic (3PL) distribution facilities, each dedicated to supporting the logistics and management requirements of two of its major partners; Circle K and Valero. Core-Mark services a wide selection of customers including traditional retailers, grocers, drug, liquor and specialty stores, as well as other stores that carry convenience products.