New C-Store Distribution Group Debuts

Progressive Group Alliance forms PRO-C

RICHMOND, Va. -- Progressive Group Alliance said that it has formed a new group within the company targeting the convenience store industry. PRO-C (Convenience Distribution Network) was established to meet the growing need within Progressive Group Alliance to offer specific programs and services to affiliate distributors who specialize in c-store distribution, it said.

The c-store industry has enjoyed high, double-digit growth for the past 10 years, Progressive Group Alliance said. Much of this growth has come from the increasing amount of foodservice [image-nocss] offered to c-store patrons.

Currently, Progressive Group Alliance distributors are generating $7 billion in c-store sales, it claimed. PRO C will consist of affiliate distributors that have high-volume sales to c-stores.

PRO-C will bridge the gap between retail and foodservice and resolve the supply chain challenges brought on by the increased importance of foodservice, said Ted Leeson, managing director of PRO-C.

The new group will capitalize on the strengths of its members to obtain multi-unit business, increase selling opportunities for its supplier partners and will be very active in recruiting new distributor members, he added.

According to its website, Richmond, Va.-based Progressive Group Alliance encompasses foodservice groups including Pocahontas Foods USA, All Kitchens of America, Bakery Distributors of America and its newest group, Buonamici International.