TMC Holdings Acquires Tri-Mart

Buyer consolidating c-store distributors in Midwest

Tri-Mart TNC (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / General Merchandise)

HARTFORD, Wis. -- TMC Holdings LLC, an acquisition entity formed by an investment group to acquire wholesale distributors in the convenience store industry, recently announced the acquisition of c-store distributor Tri-Mart Corp., based in Menomonie, Wis.

The transaction closed July 25, 2014.

TMC executives said they believe there is an opportunity to consolidate several distributors in the Midwest region into a platform that will compete effectively with the national distributors.

Hartford, Wis.-based TMC already owns a distributor to convenience stores with a strong presence servicing the Indian Nation casinos in Wisconsin. The combined companies will have more than $100 million in annual sales, and operate in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The companies will complement each other and have the ability to provide a very broad selection of products, as well as offering merchandising and customer technology services to their large customer base.

Tri-Mart was incorporated in 1974 as a wholesale distributor for convenience stores, grocery stores, taverns, schools, organizations, concession stands and institutions. It carries a broad selection of products including Slush Puppie, tobacco, liquor, coffee, groceries, ice cream, snacks, health and beauty care, automotive, paper products, sanitary and cleaning supplies. Tri-Mart services a territory that is approximately a 150-mile radius around Menomonie and includes both Wisconsin and Minnesota.