Better ATM Launches Reseller Network

Third parties now able to expand services to financial institutions, retailers

Better ATM Launches Reseller Network

MESA, Ariz. -- Better ATM Services, a technology innovator in the ATM and prepaid industries, has inaugurated a reseller network with the signing of its first agreement with Express Teller Services. 

Express Teller Services is a Phoenix-based full-service provider of electronic-fund-transfer financial service products for financial institutions and retailers throughout the Southwest United States. The agreement enables third party ISOs and IADs to offer ATM-issued Visa gift cards and other prepaid products, expanding their services to financial institutions.

Express Teller Services becomes the exclusive reseller for credit unions in Arizona through the reseller accord. The pact builds upon the strong partnership between Better ATM Services and Express Teller Services, which began when Express Teller Services piloted Better ATM Services' pioneering, patented technology with Arizona-area credit unions.

Better ATM Services CEO Todd Nuttall said the new reseller network marks another important step forward in expanding the adoption of the company's landmark, patented technology.

“This is a significant first step in expanding the partnerships within our certified participant network,” he said. “It allows resellers to increase their profitability and bring new, desirable functionality to ATMs nationwide."

Nuttall said the agreement comes when banks and credit unions have much to gain by embracing innovative products and services. "At a time when brick-and-mortar branch locations are shrinking, remaining relevant and profitable means it is critically important to provide the ATM-based functionality that consumers desire and the prepaid products that have quickly taken the place of both old school gifting and financial instruments," he said.

Express Teller Services’ founder, president and CEO Josh Ettesvold said the agreement is consequential for everyone in the ATM and prepaid industries. "We are seeing historic changes that are reshaping the future of participants in these industries,” he said. “Our vitality depends on listening to consumers and responding by delivering what they want, where they want, with the 24/7 access that responds to the demands of today's hectic lifestyles. ATM-issued prepaid cards distinguish ATM brands and locations, increase transactions, and expand client bases."

As a result of the new pact, Visa prepaid gift cards and Discover MyGift multi-merchant gift cards will initially be offered at three First American Credit Union locations in southern and northeast Arizona, and New Mexico. First American Credit Union will host the cashless ATMs with expectations that the introductory phase will be expanded to a wide scale roll-out in the near future.