BI-LO Launches 'Dollar Tank Club'

Allows members to fill tank for 10 cents/gallon; earn another $1 off per gallon on next fillup

Bi-Lo Dollar tank Club

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- BI-LO LLC is launching the Dollar Tank Club and offering more than 1,100 products tied to fuelperks! Bonus Rewards to reward those customers who are touting on social media how they paid less than 10 cents per gallon to fill up their tanks and to incentivize others to join the movement.

For a limited time, those who successfully reach the club milestone will be awarded another $1 per gallon in fuelperks! to be applied to their next trip to the gas station.

"Our customers are having a lot of fun while saving significantly through fuelperks!," said Mary Kellmanson, BI-LO's senior vice president of marketing. "They send us pictures of their gas pump receipts as proof, which became the inspiration for this program. We're excited to see even more tales from the pump!"

Customers shop with their BI-LO Bonuscard and stock up on BonusReward fuelperks! items to increase savings. The build up their fuelperks! balance to be equal to or higher than current gasoline prices. They scan their Bonuscard at participating stations to redeem their fuelperks!. They then submit qualifying receipts at or bring it to a BI-LO store for verification and club entry.

And for a limited time, new club members will earn an extra $1 per gallon toward their next fillup. And every time they redeem at the Dollar Tank Club level, they will earn it again automatically.

BI-LO allows customers to earn savings every time they use their My BI-LO Bonuscard. Customers save five cents per gallon for every $50 they spend. BonusRewards allow customers to amass further savings by purchasing designated items that have automatic rewards ranging from five to 25 cents. So if a customer purchased $100 in groceries (10 cents) that included one 25-cent item, three 10-cent items and five five-cent items, they would amass 90 cents total in rewards in just one trip.

BI-LO is a subsidiary of Greenville, S.C.-based Bi-Lo Holdings, a major traditional supermarket chain with 206 grocery stores throughout the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.