BP Foundation Donates Generators, Supplies to Salvation Army in N.Y., N.J.

Follows $500,000 donation to American Red Cross

HAMMOND, La. -- In support of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts and in response to the storm that hit the U.S. Northeast this week, BP has donated a large stockpile of humanitarian assistance supplies from past hurricane recovery efforts along the Gulf Coast to the Salvation Army of New York and New Jersey.

A fleet of 13 18-wheeler trucks containing $800,000 worth of supplies left Hammond, La., Wednesday and are scheduled to arrive at a Salvation Army warehouse in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area on Friday. The 300 pallets of supplies contain nearly 150 generators, nonperishable food, water, flashlights, hygiene and sanitation products, first aid kits, gas cans and other useful materials.

This assistance follows last week's donation of $500,000 from the BP Foundation to the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The $500,000 donation is in addition to donations made by the BP Foundation Employee Matching Program and will assist Red Cross efforts to provide meals, shelter, clothing, water and medical care.

Earlier in the year, the BP Foundation donated $135,000 for wildfire and tornado relief efforts in communities in Colorado and Oklahoma.

In August, BP America Inc. also donated $1 million to support disaster relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Isaac. It made that donation to the Red Cross and The Salvation Army and divided it equally between the two hardest-hit states.

Since 2006, the BP Foundation has invested more than $180 million in U.S. initiatives. The BP Foundation is a separate legal entity from BP and accounts independently for its operations, assets, liabilities and expenses.