Cardtronics Clocks In as Timewise's Exclusive ATM Services Provider

New placement in Texas adds more than 225 company-owned cash machines

Timewise Food Stores

HOUSTON -- Landmark Industries has named Cardtronics Inc. as the exclusive provider of ATM services for Timewise Food Stores, a leading convenience store chain serving Texans since 1982. The newly formed relationship adds more than 225 company-owned cash machines to Cardtronics' fleet of brandable ATMs.

As part of a long-term relationship, Cardtronics will install and operate the Cardtronics-owned ATMs at Timewise Food Stores, with high densities of locations in Houston and San Antonio. All Timewise Food Stores locations will be converted to Cardtronics ATM services before the end of the year; Cardtronics also has expansion rights for future Timewise Food Stores locations.

"We are very excited to soon have Cardtronics as our exclusive ATM services provider," Bob Duff, partner of Timewise Food Stores, said. "We have historically managed our ATM operations in-house and bringing Cardtronics on as our complete ATM services provider will be a very positive move both in terms of benefiting from the latest state-of-the-art equipment, as well as their very fine service. Equipment, service and Cardtronics' proven ability to secure ATM branding partners makes perfect sense for us as we seek to best serve our customers."

Rick Updyke, president of Cardtronics' North America Business Group, said, "Convenience store operators today seek greater efficiencies, a superior customer experience and higher transaction volumes to help drive merchandise sales. As Cardtronics becomes the exclusive provider of ATM services to Timewise Food Stores, we look forward to making life easier for Timewise and their customers, as well as the financial institutions that will take advantage of this new ATM branding opportunity to more conveniently serve their customers."
Houston-based Cardtronics is a North American market leader in ATM branding and for financial institutions and prepaid card programs seeking to extend their brands, as well as convenient and fee-free cash access to their cardholders. Across its Principal and Preferred Branding programs, card issuers have cumulatively branded a total of 19,000 Cardtronics-owned ATMs.

Principal Branding, for all practical purposes, results in a Cardtronics-owned ATM appearing to be owned and operated by the branding bank or credit union. This is accomplished through some combination of ATM toppers, skins, screens, receipts and outdoor signs all displaying the brand and logo of Cardtronics' ATM branding partner. Principal Branding is available on a one financial institution per ATM basis.

With Preferred Branding, up to nine additional financial institutions can use the same premium retailer location and the same Cardtronics-owned ATM, including locations that already have a Principal Branding partner, to expand fee-free cash access for their accountholders and generate awareness for their bank or credit union. As for how it works, financial institutions have their 2×2 inch logo added to the Preferred Branding decal located on the ATM's safe door.

Timewise, also based in Houston, is a 30-year-old convenience store/retail gasoline retailer.