Pester, KickBack, Conoco Sending Customer to Super Bowl

Alta c-store loyalty cardholder takes this year's grand prize

John Shellhorse (left), Chris Park, Carol Park, Dennis Dirkse

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Chris Park, a loyal Conoco and KickBack Points customer from Denver, has won KickBack Points annual Super Bowl grand-prize giveaway which includes two tickets to Super Bowl XLVII, roundtrip airfare for two to New Orleans, four nights hotel, two pregame party passes, two game programs, a $50 merchandise coupon and an opportunity to meet current NFL players and cheerleaders.

"This is a dream come true. I'm still in shock. It is the opportunity of a lifetime," said Park, who is a lifelong Denver Broncos fan. "I saw some signs for the contest, but I really didn't think too much of it. I have never won anything in my life, so when I got the call I was overjoyed. I am extremely grateful to KickBack Points, Conoco and Alta convenience stores."

Park has been a KickBack Points cardholder for nearly two years and a customer at Pester Marketing Co.'s Alta Convenience Stores for close to five years.

"Once I started carrying the KickBack Points card, I started shopping Alta Convenience Stores a little more," Park said. "I enjoy getting the rewards, but I really enjoy their employees as well. I look forward to my visits."

For Pester Marketing, which operates 51 Alta Convenience Stores in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, many of which are partnered with Conoco' and Phillips 66 fuel brands, the giveaway is another way to connect with its KickBack Points loyalty customers.

"The Kickback Points program has been a great boost for our business and having the grand-prize winner come from one of our stores has been an extremely exciting experience," said Dennis Dirkse, area sales manager for Pester Marketing. "Chris was really surprised and sincerely grateful to win the grand prize. As a company, it feels great to reward one of our loyal customers with such a fantastic opportunity."

Using the tagline "It's Not Just a Promotion, It's a Way of Life," Pester Marketing has seen a boost in sales from KickBack Points customers over the past 18 months.

"Where we may have gotten a customer one or two out every five trips to the convenience store, what we have found is that KickBack customers are extremely loyal and frequent our store four or five out five times just to earn the rewards. Combined with Conoco, KickBack Point has helped solidify our overall retail offering," Dirkse said.

Based in Houston, Phillips 66 is a downstream energy company with segment-leading refining and marketing (R&M), midstream and chemicals businesses. With more than 7,000 retail fuel sites, its U.S. marketing business supplies Top Tier gasolines under the Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco brands.

Twin Falls, Idaho-based KickBack Rewards Systems (KRS) was formed in 1999 to provide marketing and enabling technology to retailers looking for a way to recognize, reward and engage their best customers. KRS's more than 60 trained professionals assist more than 1,000 retail companies in the United States and internationally. In order to help their clients increase sales, KRS supports not only proprietary rewards programs, but has established what it said is the largest coalition loyalty program currently running in the United States, KickBack Points.

Founded in the mid-1950s in Iowa, Greenwood Village, Colo.-based Pester Marketing has owned and operated stations and stores in Colorado under the Conoco, Phillips 66, Fina, Pester and Coastal brands since 1975.