Rainbow Partners With KickBack for Rewards

Offering points at grocery, sporting goods store, Rainbow Express convenience store

SOUTH FORK, Colo. --  Rainbow Grocery in South Fork, Colo., has partnered with KickBack Points. In addition to Rainbow Grocery, president Howard Fleming operates a TrueValue hardware store, a Rainbow Sporting Goods store and a Rainbow Express convenience store, which is branded with Conoco fuel and a Blimpie Subs & Salads. KickBack cardholders can earn points at each of these locations.

The program officially began rolling out on July 22.

"We operate in a small community and have many loyal customers," said Fleming, who is the third-generation leader of Rainbow Grocery, which was founded in 1946. "Up until now, there were no loyalty programs in our market so we are very proud to be able to offer our customers rewards and discounts for their ongoing loyalty to our brands."

For a smaller operator like Rainbow Grocery, a coalition loyalty program offers the company a big opportunity. A major cost benefit is that most of the development work is already established. Plus, they are now able to drive traffic from one profit center to the other by delivering targeted offers. By having multiple brands participating in the program, Fleming's customers have even more opportunities to earn points--at the grocery store, the convenience store, at the pumps and even in the hardware and sporting goods stores.

"Since customers can earn points at all of our locations we expect them to begin accumulating points and earning rewards right away," Fleming said. "As the coalition program expands into other surrounding areas, I fully expect to grow our market share and increase our business."

As a KickBack cardholder, Rainbow's customers can earn and spend points just like cash at a variety of stores including Conoco and Phillips 66 locations.

Rainbow's primary coalition partner will be Pester Marketing, which operates 51 Alta Convenience Stores and distributes with Conoco and Phillips 66 fuels in Colorado.

"KickBack's innovative solutions and unique approach to loyalty marketing are transforming the way retailers communicate and gather information on their customers to allow them unprecedented opportunities to provide outstanding customer service," said Pat Lewis, CEO of KickBack Rewards Systems. "Rainbow Grocery is just beginning what will be a rewarding experience for the company and its customers."

Twin Falls, Idaho-based KickBack Rewards Systems (KRS) was formed in 1999 to help retailers reward their best customers as well as gain unparalleled insight into their consumer demographics and their shopping habits. Over the years, KRS's solutions have not only helped its clients improve their understanding of their customers, but it has also introduced innovative marketing solutions making it possible to act on the accrued data. The result has been increased frequency of store visits and ticket averages, and lower turnover for thousands of clients across the United States and Canada, the company said.