Rutter's to Provide Startup Funding for Youth Program

Township vehicles break in new car washes

YORK, Pa. -- Rutter's Children's Charities said it will provide $25,000 to fund the startup of a Youth Preparedness Program being developed by the American Red Cross, York County chapter.

The charitable arm of the Rutter's Cos., Rutter's Children's Charities, holds several fundraising efforts each year. The primary one is its annual Rutter's Children's Charities Golf Outing, which this year will be held May 2-3 at Regents' Glen Country Club in York.

The Rutter's funding will allow the Red Cross chapter to provide 1,500 youths [image-nocss] between the ages of 8 and 12 with training in fire, water and bicycle safety, first aid, disease prevention and emergency preparedness. Funds will be used to pay instructors and for the purchase of a laptop computer, projector and 1,500 safety kits. The training will be provided in approximately 50 2-1/2-hour presentations to youth and faith-based organizations and youth camp programs.

We're extremely thankful to Rutter's Children's Charities for stepping forward to help us launch this program, said Jeffrey Varnes, executive director of the York County chapter. We know from experience that several youths have used Red Cross training to save lives in our community. This new program will extend life-saving skills into more corners of York County.

Scott Hartman, president of Rutter's Farm Stores, said the Red Cross program was selected for funding given that it will provide an immediate benefit to the 1,500 youths who will receive training. What's more, once trained, these children will have the skills and training necessary to assist hundreds and maybe thousands of York County residents should the need arise. We're thrilled to be able to get such a valuable program off the ground.

Meanwhile, Rutter's, which recently opened three automatic car washes, yesterday offered offer free premium car washes for the approximately 170 cars and light trucks operated by Springettsbury, Spring Garden and West Manchester townshipswhere the car washes are locatedand York County.

We place a great deal of value in the relationships with our host communities, said Hartman. We're excited to give something back to the municipalities and York County and to show off our new car washes with this special day.

Rutter's offers four automatic car wash options: touchfree no-dry, touchfree and feather touch for $8 each, and ultra combination for $10. Three self-serve bays in West Manchester Township are $2 for four minutes.

Rutter's provides an ongoing incentivea discount of 10 cents per gallon of gasolinefor customers to buy a car wash when they purchase gasoline. The two payment options are pay at the pump with a credit card and purchase a car wash at the same time, or pay inside for gas and a car wash at the same time (cash or credit). The car wash purchase does not have to be used right away. Customers receive a car wash authorization code that is good for 99 days.

York-based Rutter's operates 50 convenience stores in York, Adams, Franklin and Lancaster counties in Pennsylvania.