VeriFone Enables Lottery at Pump, in Taxis

Card payment screens new venues for digital media-enabled sales, printing

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- VeriFone Systems Inc. has announced that it will deliver lottery sales through card payment acceptance systems in taxis and at fuel dispensers and other locations.

VeriFone payment-enabled media systems provide consumer-interactive digital screens at which consumers will be able to select a lottery purchase, swipe or tap a debit card and get receipts from integrated printers while the actual lottery numbers are stored in user accounts in the cloud.

VeriFone has installed payment-enabled media systems in more than 14,000 taxis across the United States and is rolling out similar capabilities to fuel dispensers across the country as petroleum retailers upgrade their systems to comply with new payment card security requirements.

Additionally, top multilane retailers throughout the United States use VeriFone systems, representing another market ripe for automated lottery sales.

"Convenience, speed and security are the three key elements that make payment systems in taxis, at fuel pumps and other VeriFone-enabled locations ideal venues for expanding access to lottery tickets," said Bud Waller, VeriFone vice chairman. "This is yet another transaction-based consumer experience that VeriFone is and will continue to bring to taxis and pumps everywhere, along with digital coupons, promotions and loyalty programs."

VeriFone will partner with Linq3, which has secured payments processing integration with many of the nation's leading payments and ATM processors, creating a nationwide network to securely process lottery transactions in all forty-four lottery sanctioned states. VeriFone expects to initiate a pilot in the near future.

San Jose, Calif.-based VeriFone Systems is a leading global provider of technology that enables electronic payment transactions and value-added services at the point of sale. VeriFone is one of the leading electronic payment solutions brands and is one of the largest providers of electronic payment systems worldwide.