Visa Gets New Logo

Updates brand, card design to enhance marketing, security

SAN FRANCISCO -- Visa USA launched a new look yesterday for the blue, white and gold Visa logo for the first time in 30 years. The new brand is designed to better reflect the broad range of electronic payment products provided by Visa's member financial institutions and the expanding environments in which they are accepted, the company said.

Beginning yesterday, the updated brand mark has started appearing on all new materials, including Visa payment cards, merchant decals, marketing materials and stadium signage. The new Visa mark, which debuted in [image-nocss] regions outside the United States in September 2005, features prominent use of the Visa brand name, the blue, white and gold colors and italicized type style while incorporating new graphic enhancements.

Yesterday also marked the rollout of a new card redesign. The new Visa cards will continue to carry the same protections, while offering important security enhancements. The dove hologram will move to the back of the card and be integrated into the magnetic stripe, enhancing Visa's multiple layers of security. Also, the three-digit security code, known as the CVV2 code, will be printed on a separate panel next to the signature panel, making it easier for consumers and merchants to read.

In addition to enhanced security, the evolution of the Visa brand architecture provides more design options for members with more space on the front of the card for them to customize.

With more than 488 million cards issued and more than 6 million U.S. acceptance locations, Visa has planned a gradual transition that will continue for the next several years. Comprehensive brand guidelines were made available to Visa member banks and card manufacturers in July 2005 to prepare for the transition, while actual card changes will take place over the next three years to five years.

Members and merchants have received detailed toolkits to assist with employee education, and Visa has conducted training with law enforcement officials in preparation for the new card issuance. New Visa signage, such as window decals, tent cards and check presenters, have been made available for use by merchants. The new logo will be featured in upcoming print and TV advertising.

"The Visa brand plays a critical role in connecting millions of cardholders and merchants. It's a brand that resonates around the world and today we're taking an important step that ensures our brand remains vibrant and relevant, positioning Visa for long-term growth," said Susanne D. Lyons, Visa USA's chief marketing officer. "Visa has evolved to become much beyond credit cards to become the world leader in electronic payments including debit, commercial and small-business credit cards. The new logo and card design reflect these changes, and provide Visa and our members with the flexibility to adapt to new innovations like contactless cards, payments by cell phones and whatever the next new technology may be."

She added, "The Visa brand is a valuable shared asset for all of our key stakeholders.As stewards of the brand, we need to stay relevant and forward-looking to support everyone's needsmembers, merchants and cardholders. Today's changes are positioning the Visa brand for the future, providing the additional strength and flexibility required to strengthen and extend our leadership position in today's marketplace."