Company Agrees to Stop Selling Pot Suckers

ICUP pulls product after AG inquiry

CHICAGO -- Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that a New Jersey company has agreed to stop selling Pot Suckers, marijuana-flavored lollipops that display marijuana leaves on the candy packaging. The candy was the subject of numerous news reports and a subpoena from Madigan's office.

While other similar products also are commonly called pot suckers, ICUP Inc., Trenton, N.J., is the company that manufactures the actual Pot Suckers brand.

Madigan was informed by ICUP's attorney in a July 1 letter that as of June 28. [image-nocss] It said ICUP made a business decision to stop selling and distributing hemp-flavored candies which are marketed under the name Pot Suckers.' A notice was in fact placed on my client's website noting this decision. The website is This decision pertains to all sales nationwide. In view of this decision, my client has refused to ship existing orders, has quarantined its existing inventory to prevent inadvertent distribution and has notified its customers (retailers) nationwide that it is no longer shipping the product and advising such retailers that the product should not be sold.

While investigating the ICUP products, Madigan's office called 25 stores statewide that said they sold Pot Suckers. Investigators bought the lollipops at several locations.

These productseasily accessible to children in stores and mallsclearly promote the use of marijuana, Madigan said. I am pleased that ICUP made the decision to stop selling Pot Suckers and encourage other companies to follow ICUP's lead. Candy should not glorify drug use.

She said ICUP's actions follow the recent successful efforts of Alderman Ed Burke in the Chicago City Council to ban marijuana-flavored candy in Chicago. Madigan's office worked closely with Burke on the ban and testified before a City Council committee on the issue.

Madigan also has issued a subpoena to Corona, Calif.-based Chronic Candy to obtain further information regarding its advertising and marketing practices. Recent news reports, detailing that Chronic Candy sells marijuana-flavored lollipops using the slogan, like taking a hit with every lick, prompted the investigation by her office. Madigan said her office will investigate whether the company is in violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud & Deceptive Business Practices Act.

The company's website,, advertises it Chronic Candy Pops in quantities of One Ounce, Half Ounce, Twenty Sack and Nickel Bag. Those quantities and terms also are commonly used in the sale of marijuana.