Haribo USA Rolls Out Juicy Gold-Bears

First extension of product line contains more than 20% fruit juice

BALTIMORE -- Haribo, the maker of the original gummi bear sold in signature gold packages across the world, is introducing the first extension of its popular Gold-Bear product line in the United States with the launch of Juicy Gold-Bears.

Available for sale to U.S. retailers since March, Juicy Gold-Bears feature six new flavors: Lime, Pear, Apple, Peach, Raspberry and Black Currant.

"Juicy Gold-Bears are similar to the Gold-Bear gummi candy Americans have come to love, but this delicious new version contains more than 20% fruit juice which enhances the flavor to create a sensational taste," said Christian Jegen, president of Haribo of America Inc., Baltimore. "They are very popular in the United Kingdom and Germany, and we think the new juicy flavors will appeal to the American palate as well."

Like the traditional Gold-Bears, the juicy gummies are gluten and fat-free and contain no genetically modified ingredients. In addition, Haribo Juicy Gold-Bears contain no artificial colors.

Haribo Juicy Gold-Bears will be available to consumers in convenience stores, supermarkets and other retailers in March/April. The candy will be packaged in 4-oz. hanging bags at a suggested retail price of $1.09 to $1.69.

Traditional Gold-Bears will continue to be sold alongside the new flavors.

Other Haribo gummi candy sold in the United States includes Happy Cola, Twin Cherries, Ginger-Lemon, Peaches, Raspberries and Smurfs, Haribo's first licensed U.S. product.

Founded in 1920, Haribo is the world's largest gummi, licorice and marshmallow candy manufacturer. Based in Germany, the Haribo name is an acronym for the company's founder--Hans Riegel--and its headquarters in Bonn.