Missouri Retailers Endorse Healthy Eating

Take part in Healthy Corner Store Initiative

Missouri Retailers Endorse Healthy Eating

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An initiative to bring healthier food options to Kansas City, Mo.’s urban core is in full swing with the help of local convenience stores.

On Saturday members from the Kansas City Health Department were at the Indiana Market convenience store offering free healthy samples to raise awareness about the program, according to a Fox4KC report.

Since late spring, Indiana Market has begun stocking their shelves with some healthy food choices, as an alternative to the traditional convenience store foods it sells. Dannica James, one of the store’s regular customers, said she happy about the new options.

“Instead of just coming in and getting a big bag of chips and a thing of pop, you can at least get a sandwich and some vegetables,” she told a local news reporter.

Indiana market is one of two convenience stores in the urban core teaming up with several agencies for the Jackson County Healthy Corner Store Initiative.

The goal is to encourage healthy eating and in turn reduce the risk of chronic disease.

“Food access has become a huge challenge for many neighborhoods in Kansas City’s urban core, especially when people have limited access to transportation. It can be a real challenge to purchase healthy, fresh foods,” said Sarah Worthington with the Kansas City Health Department.

Indiana Market has added to its shelves everything from canned and fresh fruits and veggies to whole-grain pasta.

“Indiana market has really gone above and beyond what I think a lot of corner stores might do,” Worthington said.

And James, a mother of two, appreciates it. She said it will help to set a healthier standard for herself and her children.

“It just teaches kids to eat better instead of coming up here and buying candy and stuff,” she said.

The second convenience store currently taking part in the initiative is Chayan’s EZ Shop.