Mr. Peanut Scores New Voice

Planters introduces Bill Hader with campaign for new NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix

NORTHFIELD, Ill. -- Snack nut brand Planters has announced that its iconic Mr. Peanut has a new voice. Emmy Award-nominated actor and former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader will lend his distinct voice to the character in a new series of digital radio advertisements and vignettes for the launch of the new Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix.

"Bill Hader's voice, sense of humor and personality are perfectly in sync with Mr. Peanut's character and will help bring this iconic peanut's style, wit and charm to life," said Peter Cotter, brand manager for Planters. "Bill joins us in time to help introduce our newest product, Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix."

To launch Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix, Planters created an integrated marketing campaign featuring Mr. Peanut offering motivational tips to consumers called "GO-tivations." These "GO-tivations" were created to give consumers the boost they need to get through the day, similar to the wholesome fuel in Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy Mix.

As a part of the integrated marketing campaign, Planters and BEING New York introduced, which includes GIFs, games and short vignettes of Mr. Peanut keeping fans energized and "GO-tivated" throughout the day. Mr. Peanut will also have his own blog on Tumblr at where he will post GIFs and witticisms to give consumers a lift.

To provide consumers with additional "GO-tivation," Planters is creating "GO-tivational" playlists on Spotify and Pandora with personal DJ introductions by Mr. Peanut. Last month, the brand worked with Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a comedic integration touting the new product.

Planters NUT-rition Sustaining Energy mix contains honey roasted peanuts, almonds and soy clusters--containing 10 grams protein in each pack. It comes in three varieties--Honey Nut, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate Nut.

Bill Hader will be reprising his role in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, opening September 27 (Sony). He is also starring in The To Do List, which will be out July 26, as well as Turbo, the Dreamworks Animation film, which will be out July 17.

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