Pink Bag Campaign Supports Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition

"Martin's Chips in for a Cure" program has $118,000 over three years

David Potter, Heather Hibshman, Butch Potter

THOMASVILLE, Pa. -- Martin's Potato Chips Inc., a leading snack food business in central Pennsylvania, raised $27,312 throughout October 2011 for the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC) via its "Martin's Chips in for a Cure" campaign. This annual promotion has helped the PBCC continue its mission to "find a cure for breast cancer now … so our daughters won't have to" across Pennsylvania.

In 2009, Martin's created a breast cancer fundraising and awareness campaign featuring its most popular product, the nine-ounce bag of Kettle-Cook'd chips. Around Mother's Day and throughout October, Martin's turned their logo pink and the PBCC received 25 cents for each special pink ribbon bag sold. This project over a three-year time span has raised more than $118,000. Not only did it help fund PBCC programs, but it also increased breast cancer awareness across Pennsylvania.

Pat Halpin-Murphy, president and founder of the PBCC said, "Over the past three years, thanks to the awareness and fundraising efforts of Martin's Potato Chips, the Chips in for a Cure campaign has generated much needed promotion for advocacy and education. We are thrilled that Martin's has joined the fight against breast cancer in Pennsylvania and continues to support the women and families directly affected by breast cancer every day in this state."

"All of us at Martin's are extremely proud to support the PA Breast Cancer Coalition in their quest to promote awareness and find a cure for the most important health issue that women face today," said Butch Potter, president and CEO of Martin's.

The PBCC represents supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants.

Thomasville, Pa.-based Martin's Potato Chips, a family owned-and-operated company, is located in South Central Pennsylvania, "the Snack Food Capital of the World." Martin's products are distributed throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, and can be found in grocery store chains, family-owned markets and convenience stores.