Spam’s Sneak Meat Snack Attack

Leveraging proprietary “dried-meat technology” for line extension

Hormel Spam snacks

AUSTIN, Minn. -- Hormel Foods Corp. is expanding in the snack market with Spam Snacks and Skippy P.B. Bites among other new products, company executives said during a presentation with investors earlier this summer. After debuting in test markets, these products are hitting the market now.

Spam Snacks is a portable, on-the-go version of Spam “using proprietary dried-meat technology,” said James Splinter, group vice president of grocery products. It's a single-serve, shelf-stable Spam snack available in three varieties: classic, teriyaki and bacon, with eight to 10 grams of protein. “

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $2.39 per 1.4-ounce pouch.

Spam Snacks will be available in select markets and cities in the Southwest, West and Hawaii. They will be available in Minneapolis and surrounding markets later this month.

“These fun to eat Spam brand product snacks are a perfect complement to the fast growing dried-meat snacking category,” Splinter said.

Spam meat products are fully cooked, made of 100% pork and ham.

Skippy P.B. Bites combine Skippy peanut butter with a soft outer shell and a pretzel center or a double peanut butter center, sold in a six-ounce multi-serve container, with five grams of protein.

Hormel expects Skippy P.B. Bites to be available in half of the country by the end of October, and a full rollout is expected in 2016, reported The Austin Daily Herald. A national ad campaign is slated to begin in February.

Hormel Foods Corp., based in Austin, Minn., is a manufacturer and marketer of consumer-branded food and meat products.