'Unknown' Wawa Rates High in Social Media 'Share of Voice'

And popchips, Lay's, others, leverage social media trends, says Mintel

Wawa Convenience Stores

CHICAGO --Convenience store retailer Wawa Inc. rated well in Mintel's latest social media trends update from social media analysts Gabi Lieberman and Lizz Martinez, who have singled out the top five trends in online consumer marketplace behavior this quarter.

1. Brands--including Wawa--with low usage and awareness garner large numbers in online mentions thanks to their cult followings.

"While more than half (56%) of Mintel survey respondents have not heard of or visited Wawa--due to its regional presence solely on the East Coast--the c-store has secured 46% in online share of voice (SOV), the second-highest among the competitive set. The chain has developed a cult following, drawing more than 1.1 million Facebook "likes" and close to 30,000 Twitter followers. The store even beats out top competitor 7-Eleven in Instagram followers with close to 8,000 at the time of writing," said Martinez.

"The brand popchips, which records the lowest levels of overall usage and awareness with 42% of adults surveyed unaware of the brand, records the highest levels of interaction among all reviewed household snack brands. They have the greatest Kred scores among the selected brands, with a Kred Influence score of 938 (out of 1,000) and a Kred Outreach score of eight (out of 12). This highlights how relevant popchips' content is to its followers and how motivated people are to share this content with their own social media communities online," said Gabi.

2. People are taking to bloggers and online mediums to educate themselves on do-it-yourself (DIY) and beauty and personal care.

"Blogs are an effective way for lawn and gardening enthusiasts to share their current projects as well as tutorials for newer landscapers to share information. Blogs such as Two Men and a Little Farm show readers the step-by-step process of creating weed blocks between raised plant beds. Selected retailers could benefit from partnering with these types of bloggers in order to gain more online visibility.

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