CIGALECTRIC Taps New Senior Director of Sales

Hartman brings more than 20 years of tobacco industry experience from RJR

BARTLETT, Ill. -- DNA Distributors, maker of CIGALECTRIC Electronic Cigarettes, has announced that Thomas Hartman has joined its sales team as its new senior director of sales. Thomas's primary role will be to develop distribution channels in the southern and western regions of the United States.

Hartman's industry experience includes more than 23 years at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, where he held various division and regional positions.

In addition to his experience within the tobacco industry, he also brings more than seven years' experience with the McLane Co., where he served as vice president of sales in its Southwest, High Plains and Jessup Divisions. More recently, he was with FIN electronic cigarettes as its director of sales and vice president of sales for the convenience channel of trade.

"We are pleased to welcome Tom to our CIGALECTRIC team. His blend of tobacco industry, distribution and electronic cigarette experience uniquely qualifies him for this high profile CIGALECTRIC position," Anthony Hepker, president of DNA Distributors said.

Kraig Knudsen, vice president of business development, added that "too many e-cig companies get into this business, and understand little about the tobacco category and smokers. … At CIGALECTRIC we have always known that our customers are tobacco retailers and consumers. With that, we are dedicated to understanding and being responsive to their specific issues, concerns and needs. I too spent 20-plus years at R.J. Reynolds learning the industry. I know first hand that Tom's tobacco experience will help us to continue with this important distinction."

CIGALECTRIC is a premium smoking alternative for customers. Bartlett, Ill.-based DNA Distributing has been in business since 2009. CIGALECTRIC products include Rechargeable Kits and Disposables models that come in regular and menthol flavors, with various nicotine level options.