Survey Names New York City E-Cig Leader

Random sampling of c-stores in all five boroughs says Logic top seller

NEW YORK -- Frees Media, a marketing company specializing in new product launches providing research and advertising support for sales channels using traditional and digital advertising solutions, has conducted a blind survey of 100 randomly chosen convenience stores in the New York City market that sold at least three different brands of electronic cigarettes. It took a sampling from all five boroughs of New York City in late December 2012.

The result indicated that 55% of the stores surveyed reported Logic to be the best-selling brand of e-cigarettes at those locations in the market surveyed.

New York City, with its tough smoking regulations, is Logic's biggest market, said a New York Post report. A private company, Logic will not divulge exactly how many e-cigarettes it sells, the report said.

Hailed by many as a game-changing revolution to the cigarette industry, e-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers as they are also known, have provided smokers with an alternative to traditional tobacco-based smoking, said Frees Media in its study. These battery-operated devices simulate the experience of traditional cigarette smoking by supplying the user with a nicotine delivery system, the appearance of smoke upon exhalation and the hand to mouth familiarity of smoking, while remaining free of the chemicals found in traditional tobacco products.

Each electronic cigarette contains a liquid made up of a blend of propylene glycol, along with various other components including nicotine and flavoring. E-cigarettes are composed of three distinct sections; these include a mouthpiece where the liquid blend resides, a heating element known as an "atomizer" that vaporizes the liquid upon inhale and a battery compartment to power the device.

Livingston, N.J.-based Logic manufactures disposable, nonrechargeable electronic cigarettes in two flavors, tobacco and menthol, each with three different levels of nicotine and high-volume vapor.

See File Attachments below to view the Frees Media survey of the New York City market.