Vapor Corp. Files Soft Padded E-Cig Cartridge Patent Application

Soft tip filter with same tactile feel of traditional cigarette filter

DANIA BEACH, Fla. -- Vapor Corp., a leading U.S. electronic cigarette company, said that on June 5, 2012, it filed a nonprovisional patent for a "Padded Cartridge for an Electronic Cigarette Apparatus" based on Vapor Corp.'s previously filed provisional patent application, as filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on June 7, 2011.

Vapor Corp.'s Soft Padded Electronic Cigarette Cartridge is a soft tip filter with the same tactile feel of a traditional cigarette filter.

"We believe the soft padded electronic cartridge is the most significant innovation to e-cigarettes, since their invention and introduction to the US marketplace," said Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor Corp. "We constantly strive to enhance the experience and comfort for those who use and enjoy our products. The comfort of the new soft tip filter will offer our customers the most realistic and similar experience akin to the filters of traditional cigarettes. We are truly excited to offer this unique remarkable advancement to our customers, and we plan to launch electronic cigarettes with these soft tip filters by year end to our online customers, and then roll out the product offerings brand by brand and company-wide in 2013."

Vapor Corp.'s patent pending soft tip filters improve upon existing electronic cigarette cartridges, which are made of hard plastic or metal. While the company believes that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office will award it a patent for its soft tip filter, there is no assurance in this regard. Patton Boggs LLP, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm, represented the company in the preparation and filing of the patent.

The soft tip filters will first be made available to the company's online customers by yearend and thereafter in 2013 for our Fifty-One, Krave, VaporX, EZ Smoker, Green Puffer, Americig, Fumare, Hookah Stix and Smoke Star brands of electronic cigarettes and will be found at retailers nationwide in more than 20,000 locations that sell Vapor's products or online through the company's website.

Dania Beach, Fla.-based Vapor Corp. is a publicly traded company that makes electronic cigarettes designed to look like traditional cigarettes and that are battery-powered products that enable users to inhale nicotine vapor without smoke, tar, ash or carbon monoxide. Vapor's e-cigarettes and accessories are available online, on television and through retail locations throughout the United States.