Tobacco, cigarette and e-cig category news for the convenience store retail industry.

POS advertising to combat 'triggers' for cigarette smokers

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to bring its latest smoking cessation education campaign into convenience stores. The FDA announced Dec. 11 that the new campaign will encourage cigarette smokers to quit through messages of support that underscore the health benefits of...

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Briant of NATO says helping state, local legislators understand c-stores can tip scales

MINNEAPOLIS -- Too often, retailers believe that they cannot have any influence on how local and state elected officials vote on a piece of legislation, be it a proposed tobacco-tax increase, a new restriction on tobacco sales or any other action that would negatively affect retail operations. This...

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Agency forms committee to re-evaluate, ‘modernize’ its view on cessation products

SILVER SPRING, Md. -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will form a new committee to review nicotine replacement-therapy products (NRTs), and with the move, new language is emerging that could potentially place electronic cigarettes into a category typically tied to nicotine gums and...

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New federal and local rules, plus mega-merger, cap busy year

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Executives outline key opportunities, speed bumps for tobacco at CSP’s Outlook conference

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Major investments, movements occur in outlier category

Cigarette age limit
Mayor fought to ban sales altogether
Tobacco trade show

Agency sets language on giveaways, discounts

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Announcement caps established succession plan
Cigarette sales

Nielsen all-channel data shows increases for smokeless and e-cigs in quarterly update