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Cigarette taxes, bans whittle wholesalers down to two

WICHITA, Kan. -- Wichita's cigarette distributors—like most across the country—are feeling a little beleaguered these days. Higher taxes, tighter competition, fewer customers—and now comes the possibility of statewide and local smoking bans. The Wichita Eagle featured the market's two main...

Philip Morris USA to begin serving cigar customers; no other cuts expected

RICHMOND, Va. -- Three months after completing its purchase of John Middleton Inc., Altria Group Inc.—parent company of Philip Morris USA—will begin recognizing some of the cost savings it predicted at the time as it does away with the duplication in its sales staff. “Most of the current sales...

Researchers remove cancer-causing gene from tobacco

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Working with Phillip Morris USA, scientists have genetically modified tobacco plants to knock out a gene that turns nicotine into one of the carcinogens in cured tobacco, according to a report in Wired magazine. The Philip Morris-funded North Carolina State researchers say the work...

Case alleges tobacco cos. target minors with ads
House subcommittee approves Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act
Swedish Match Red Man moist snuff available nationwide
Ky. cigarette tax moves ahead; N.Y. groups advocate smoke tax hike
Gov's woes; tribal cigarette tax evasion costing N.Y. $600 million a year.
Oglesby responsible for marketing, development
Takes action against web cigarette vendors to stop infringement, illegal importation