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Product pulled from almost all affected stores, replacement ongoing, company says

RICHMOND, Va. -- About a week after announcing a recall of dozens of smokeless-tobacco products, officials with U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USSTC) said they have reached 97% of affected stores, pulling stock after eight customers in six states reported “sharp metal objects found in select cans.” “...

Goals are to expand into metro market and grow share in hand-rolled cigars

BOULDER, Colo. -- Smoker Friendly announced the acquisition of a premium tobacco and cigar store in Denver as a way to expand its footprint in a high-traffic market and grow share in hand-rolled cigars. With its purchase of Cigars on 6th, 707 E. 6th Ave., Smoker Friendly officials said they would...

11 states considering move to 21, potentially harming retailers

MINNEAPOLIS -- Although only California and Hawaii have enacted a higher legal age of 21 to purchase tobacco products, 12 other state legislators have already introduced bills in their respective 2017 legislative sessions to raise the legal age to either 19 or 21. The lone state to propose raising...

Executive sheds light on premium, technology thoughts

Quick-thinking Love’s manager reacts to customer crisis

Majority of smokeless products still available; company working to replenish stock

'Sharp metal objects' found in some cans; retailers asked to segregate inventory.
Foreign metal objects found in select cans of smokeless tobacco
U.S. Appeals Court strikes down parts of ‘unprecedented’ regulations

TPE shows expansive variety of cross-channel products