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Scott Gottlieb

Agency aims to reduce nicotine levels while shifting smokers toward e-cigarettes

WASHINGTON -- Scott Gottlieb, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s new commissioner, said he envisions “a world where cigarettes would no longer create or sustain addiction, and where adults who still need or want nicotine could get it from alternative and less harmful sources.” That, he said,...


Eases application requirements for e-cigs

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) aims to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes while exploring measures to shift smokers toward e-cigarettes in a major new regulatory program announced by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on July 28. The FDA said it would extend the timeline...

Business owners step into the spotlight to fight a menthol-cigarette ban

Menthol cigarettes
City council gives preliminary approval; final vote set for September
Minneapolis City Council
NATO’s Briant on why Minneapolis ordinance needs to be defeated
Council loses quorum two hours into public hearing, delays vote .
Over 21 cigarette sales law
Becomes the third state to make the move; change takes effect Nov. 1
British American Tobacco

Plus, a look at the biggest supplier deals of the past year

British American Tobacco
Closing scheduled for July 25
PMI documents on iQOS research heavily redacted