Tobacco, cigarette and e-cig category news for the convenience store retail industry.

How item-level inventory helps retailer spot errors, gain efficiencies

FRISCO, Texas – For William Baine, electronically tracking the tobacco category at the item level has helped him spot errors and better manage his sets, leading to stronger inside sales over the past three years. Baine, CEO of Git ’N Go Markets, Clinton, Tenn., spoke at The Pinnacle Corp.’s user...

Can retailers expect to see imports flood their stores?

WASHINGTON – In a new round of executive orders, President Barack Obama has lifted financial restrictions on Cuban rum and cigars, allowing travelers to bring the once-banned items into the United States from any foreign source. Will the order mean a flood of Cuban cigars into the convenience...

Movement to raise legal age for tobacco purchases hits new city, county milestone

WASHINGTON -- When Liberty, Mo., approved to raise the legal-purchasing age for tobacco products recently, the “Tobacco 21” movement hit a milestone, with Liberty becoming one of at least 200 cities and counties across the United States to enact laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to...

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Association executive lays out legislative alternatives to restrictive ‘deeming’ regulations
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Major tobacco manufacturer outlines growth path amid declining sales

Measure could devalue mom-and-pop businesses

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