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Lorillard’s Kessler discusses differences between menthol and e-cig regulations
CSP Magazine
Nicotine sales affected by competitive pricing, imbalanced sets, Burke says
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Briant offers an insider’s view of taxes, regulations and restrictions
CSP Magazine
E-cig leaders call for proactive stance on regulations
CSP Magazine
Altria, Reynolds, Lorillard to increase investments, Herzog says
CSP Magazine
Manufacturers and public health advocates were eager for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to release its long-awaited proposed deeming regulations on electronic cigarettes. Industry watchers warned retailers attending the NATO Show's “Cutting Through the Rhetoric” general session that it may be a while before we get a clear picture of the finalized rules.
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Sales, marketing team helps out cancer support organization
WEX Skyline PriceAdvantage (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores / Technology)
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Combined solution provides fuel pricing, inventory intelligence for petroleum operators
Nestle Pure Life Exotics Sparkling Water
Fruit-flavored beverages aim to please former soda drinkers