Channel: Chain Executives

Royal Buying Group RBG
Snacks & Candy
Royal Buying Group Inc. (RBG) announced the 2013 Vendors of the Year Awards at the 2014 Independent.
Anew Travel Center
Fuels News
Anew Travel Center offers ethanol blends, biodiesel, convenience, services
Kalibrate KSS Fuels traffic
Adds more than 40,000 data points to 2.9 million counts at 1.4 million locations
Lindsay Cunningham
Cellarium is self-insurance risk-management tool; first in N.C. for a public company
Cheryl Szczesniak Steven Visser Spinx Convenience Stores
Corporate News
Retailer promotes Szczesniak, Visser
Seven Eleven Hawaii Convenience Store
Mergers & Acquisitions News
President & CEO expects to exceed goal of 100 c-stores
East End Marketing Corp. Gas Station/Convenience Store
30-site retailer testing system in one convenience store
Technology battle breaking out between near-field communications, on-screen barcodes
Florida Gas Stations GasBuddy
Fuels News
"Imperfect storm of events" closes stations, pinches supply for unbranded retailers.