Channel: Chain Executives

Gas pump nozzles
Fuels News
Zoning Board approves restrictions; full commission vote to come
7-Eleven site for sale
Mergers & Acquisitions News
Sites "simply don’t fit" company's business model.
Corporate News
DeSutter leaves mark on Susser Holdings after 5-year stint
Community Outreach
Employees donate to local tornado victims, holiday charity
NACS Lashes Out at Credit-Card Security Standards
Statement comes as Target exec apologizes before Senate committee
Mobile 2 Go retail technology blog
New wave of secure mobile transactions likely to bypass Visa, MasterCard
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Targeted promotions delivered by technology can be key to greater sales
Parker’s Names Jim Evans Director of Operations
Corporate News
Hiring prepares chain for "unprecedented growth".
Chevron’s Seki led PCATS push for greater data security efforts