Channel: Chain Executives

PriceAdvantage Fiscal Systems
Fuels Technology & Equipment
System allows marketers to post new fuel prices simultaneously across all fuel outlets
Randy Wingert Mark VII car wash
Car-care veteran has worked for Turtle Wax, Ryko
Will transition to FCTI, a unit of its parent company Seven & i, in mid-2017
Kennedy family
Corporate News
Convenience retailers, suppliers populate Forbes' list of America's Richest Families.
Dollar Tree Family Dollar
Mergers & Acquisitions News
Completes Family Dollar acquisition; will target broader range of markets, customers, merchandise
Convenience store employees overtime
Regulation & Legislation
Retailers say plan would turn “professionals into clock-watchers”
Gas-Mart GasMart USA
Corporate News
Byzantine case involves “secret” filings, allegations of misappropriation of funds, more
Obama La Crosse overtime
Corporate News
President Obama, citing middle-class economics, touts overtime policy
BP oil spill
Fuels News
Oil company agrees to largest civil settlement with one company in U.S. history