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Community Outreach
Skin cancer affects thousands, including members of the c-store industry
Will roll out touch-screen soda fountains in all locations by May 2015
CSP Magazine
Record-high percentage of c-store retailers upbeat about coming year, CSP's Outlook Survey shows
CSP Magazine
Sam L. Susser's Stripes Convenience Stores network has delivered on 25 consecutive years of same-store growth, built a history of paying down debt with profit and consistently produced above-average yields for its investors, a run capped off by a 40% return after last April’s $1.8 billion deal with Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) and its parent Energy Transfer Equity (ETE). In October, Susser was names CSP's Retail Leader of the Year.
General Merchandise
Filler filling role of president of retail products, chief merchandising officer
CSP Magazine
The convenience-store industry’s appetite for consolidation is unprecedented, with much of the activity fueled by the tax-advantaged master limited partnership (MLP) structure. And this flood of activity follows five years of dynamic consolidation.
Fuels Analysis
Prices hit level not seen in years, and other states may soon follow
Discount program offers co-branding opportunities
Pulls pinup campaign for fairlife after consumers dub it sexist