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Today’s convenience-store forecourt is rapidly transforming into a commercial enterprise, making filling one’s tank a merely utilitarian function. More exciting—and potentially more lucrative—is mobile-friendly dispenser technology that seeks to integrate the fuel island with the store and draw more motorists inside.
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Converting Colorado location to Petro; will maintain restaurant and bakery
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CSP Magazine
An apple a day may keep the doctor away. But apples priced at only 99 cents a pound, six organic romaine hearts advertised at $5, and a pound of ground turkey for $1.99 keep the customers coming back in droves. At least that’s the hope—and hoopla—fueling Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, an upstart grocery chain that’s looking to steal thunder from fresh-food- centric stalwarts such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and carve out a healthy niche in the Midwest.

What Do Consumers Find Most Important When Buying Food at a C-Store?

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Food quality and taste are crucial to the c-store foodservice decision-making process. Nine out of 10 c-store foodservice users say the quality and taste of the food are the most important factors when deciding which c-store to visit. A comparable number assigned similar rankings to pleasant, friendly service and a convenient location.

Experience Attributes, C-Store Foodservice Visitation

AttributeImportantVery important
Taste/flavor of food39%52%
Quality of food38%52%
Pleasant/friendly service51%39%
Convenient location42%48%
Kitchen/prep area is clean33%56%
Order accuracy43%45%
Quality of beverages45%43%
Quality of takeout food45%43%
Good value through low prices48%40%
Speed of visit50%38%
Prices in line with similar stores51%35%
Good value through quick, quality service46%39%
Handles check/payment in timely fashion51%34%
Bathroom is clean35%50%
Variety of food/beverage items49%36%

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