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Frederick gas station is convenience store chain's first in Maryland in 2014.
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Convenience etailers are challenged to make coffee work. innovators will be up for the challenge. But even in a time of consolidation, in which financial motives drive every decision, the innovators will be up for the challenge. They bank on their instincts and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. When they break new ground and succeed, it’s almost its own reward.
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Sales of Sports Drinks Turn Around in C-Stores

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Sports-drink sales trend in convenience stores
Sports-drink sales in convenience stores have turned around so far in 2014. After dipping 2.5% in calendar year 2013, unit sales are up 2.0% for the 52 weeks ending May 18, 2014, owning at least partially to new entries from energy-drink brands Rockstar and Monster, as well as new releases from stalwart Gatorade.
Best-Selling Sports-Drink Brands in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending May 18, 2014

BrandDollar salesPCYA*Unit salesPCYA*
Gatorade Perform$1,642,552,0000.62%916,149,100-0.51%
Powerade Ion4$332,348,700-20.23%239,651,600-18.42%
Gatorade G2 Perform$155,007,900-8.63%87,165,870-10.61%
Powerade Zero Ion4$61,946,470-7.48%42,346,710-4.44%
Gatorade Fierce$25,085,200NA12,001,550NA
Gatorade G2$11,147,080-1.05%6,087,816-3.65%
Private label$10,545,9508.36%9,714,89824.72%
GatoradeX Factor$5,070,29039.49%2,481,05939.26%
Monster Muscle$3,612,515NA1,188,968NA
Gatorade Xtremo$3,461,07511.95%1,794,5708.57%
Gatorade Rain$2,415,572181.57%1,288,741160.72%
Gatorade Fierce Bring It$2,084,429177.89%1,436,335178.78%
Honest Ade$2,070,1800.51%1,124,893-2.22%
Gatorade Recover$1,971,961-74.69%685,100-74.99%
All Sport$1,359,960-33.57%941,257-37.09%
Glaceau vitaminwater$544,256NA274,006NA

*Percent change from a year ago

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