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How Much Will C-Stores Gain From CVS' Tobacco Pullback?

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Convenience stores within 1 mile of a CVS drug store have gained sales of 1.5 cartons of cigarettes per week since the chain began phasing out tobacco products.

CVS has more than 7,300 locations across the country. A majority of the stores are in the East, Midwest and South, with another scattering across California.

CVS' sale of cigarettes was down 16% since it began removing tobacco products from its stores. And the sale of cigarettes in other drug-store chains is down 5%.

Retail shipment data through 7/19/2014, 2013 YTD first 29 weeks ending 7/20/2013, 2014 YTD first 29 weeks ending 7/19/14

Tobacco outlets have gained the most cigarette volume since CVS began phasing out tobacco products, growing 3.1 cartons per week for stores within 1 mile of a CVS store. C-Stores gained 1.5 cartons.

Retail shipment data through 7/19/2014

With nearly 43,000 convenience stores within 1 mile of a CVS location, the c-store industry stands to gain volume of more than 100 cartons per store per week.

Retail shipment data through 7/19/2014. CVS Store Count & Volume as of 7/12/2014

With c-stores maintaining 68% of cigarette sales volume, the average store within 1 mile of a CVS location stands to gain sales of 37 cartons per week.

Retail shipment data through 7/19/2014

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