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Disposable-Razor Sales on the Decline in C-Stores

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Razor-blade unit sales dropped more than 3% during the past two calendar years and continue to be challeged, down 2.8% in convenience stores during the 52 weeks ending May 18, 2014, according to IRI Convenience AllScan data.

The largest segment of the category--disposables--dipped 2.8% over that timeframe, while catridges were flat at 0.3% unit-sales growth.

Best-Selling Disposable Blades in Convenience Stores

IRI Convenience AllScan data for 52 weeks ending May 18, 2014

Brand Dollar Sales PCYA* Unit Sales PCYA*
Gillette Good News $2,036,107 -7.25% 450,856 -7.86%
Gillette Good News Plus $1,614,027 13.34% 541,718 13.72%
CVP $666,944 -20.54% 222,161 -23.59%
BIC $584,692 -14.04% 204,192 -16.46%
Valet $320,415 24.43% 216,894 15.18%
BIC Comfort Twin $245,796 -16.52% 141,690 -13.32%
BIC Twin Select $200,083 -40.48% 98,423 -42.66%
Gillette Daisy $156,747 -4.41% 54,299 -5.85%
CVP Comfort Touch $144,164 363.67% 68,672 331.58%
Private label $108,858 7.94% 50,603 7.67%
TOTAL $6,790,315 -2.04% 2,343,218 -2.83%

*Percent change from a year ago

Click here for the most recent data in CSP's Category Management Handbook.

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