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Coffee By the Numbers 2014

The importance of a strong coffee program to c-store sales is apparent in numbers provided at CSP’s Hot Dispensed Beverages Meeting. With its potential for margin and the higher-than-average spend of coffee drinkers, the case for a successful coffee program is as strong as a dark cup of joe.

How important are each of these in
influencing your decision to stop at a c-store?
Percent of respondents saying
“important or “very important”
Convenient location 90%
Taste and flavor of the food 90%
Quality of the beverages 87%
$50.3 Billion Retail Sales of Hot Beverages in 2013  
Limited-service restaurants 47%
Full-service restaurants 16%
C-stores 11%
2.8 Billion Gallons of Hot Beverages Sold  
Limited-service restaurants 39%
Full-service restaurants 16%
C-stores 15%*
Gross Margin Comparison  
Hot, cold, frozen dispensed beverages Greater than 70%
Prepared sandwiches, fresh fruit, soup 40%-60%
Hot Dispensed Beverage Breakdown of Purchases at C-stores in 2013  
Coffee 73%
Specialty hot coffee 24%
Hot cocoa 2%
Hot tea 1%
Which of the following types of coffee do you purchase from convenience stores at least occasionally (about every 90 days)?  
Brewed regular hot coffee 79%
Machine-dispensed hot specialty coffee 40%
Canned or bottled coffee beverage 31%
Brewed cold or iced coffee 25%
Machine-dispensed cold or iced specialty coffee 23%
Made-from-scratch specialty coffee 22%
Scratch cold or iced specialty coffee 16%

Source: Technomic

* Note: The disparity in price over volume may indicate that c-stores serve less expensive cups of coffee, according to Technomic.

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