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Bagel Sales Fall Off in 2014

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Unit sales of bagels in convenience stores fell 10.4% in 2014, according to IRI data. While the subcategory is led by private-label products, that's also where the steepest decline occurred, down 10.6% for the year.
Best-Selling Bagels/Bialys in Convenience Stores

52 weeks ending Dec. 28, 2014

Brand Dollar sales PCYA* Unit sales PCYA*
Private label $7,340,098 -10.33% 4,281,188 -10.55%
Zeppys $236,228 -5.79% 79,191 -5.60%
Thomas $180,877 3.44% 38,727 2.82%
Franz $173,616 10.97% 44,958 12.27%
Malibu Farms $141,410 -19.78% 56,885 -19.78%
TOTAL $8,408,752 -9.32% 4,624,137 -10.36%

*Percent change from a year ago

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