Channel: Operations

Wawa sign
Corporate News
Retailer plans to employ 5,000 new team members within three months
Affordable Care Act
Regulation & Legislation
Industry association supports tax exclusions for employer-based coverage
7-Eleven store
Corporate News
The initiative seeks to add more women owners to business model
Stripes Susser Sunoco ETP
Mergers & Acquisitions News
Execs reflect on acquiring, integrating Stripes, tout plans to build, acquire more
Seth Priebatsch LevelUp
Panelists see multiple paths to digital currency—possibly no device at all
Marcus Lemonis The Profit
Rethinking the mobile payment revolution, and how vulnerability plays a part
Snacks & Candy
Invests $130 million to modernize supply chain, support growth of power brands
Mergers & Acquisitions News
Bristol Bay Native Corp. purchases fuel infrastructure, including gas station, c-store
Veeder-Root CSP
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Speakers to highlight fuel trends related to purchase volume, price volatility