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Piccadilly settles debate over which sauce to offer on its BBQ Grill Pizza
CSP Magazine
The ways to trigger more impulse sales are as varied as the categories themselves. But the stakes for retailers are only growing, as declining fuel sales keep more customers off the convenience-store lot and competition from other channels mounts.
Take steps to avoid a cab ride to poor practices
Community Outreach
Marketer sponsors Erie, Pa., Bike Rally to help homeless shelter
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Exec assumes role of western regional sales manager
Fuels News
While ethanol group gives Major Oil an F, industry cites low demand, high risk
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Combined solution provides fuel pricing, inventory intelligence for petroleum operators
CSP Magazine
The Susser-ETP deal shines a bright light on two critical elements facing the channel: The buying muscle behind MLPs (master limited partnerships) and the raw profitability of consolidation.
Corporate News
The yin and yang of the lender-borrower relationship