Channel: Operations

GPM Convenience Stores Kalibrate
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Convenience store retailer implementing fuels pricing system across recently acquired sites
Mars Chocolate M&M's Snickers
Snacks & Candy
$270 million plant will enable company to produce M&M's, Snickers sustainably.
Phillips 66
Fuels News
EPA alleges company generated invalid sulfur credits between 2006 and 2012
7-Eleven Diet Coke FROST Cherry Slurpee
"Freezing consistency issues" prompt removal of product.
National Retail Federation NRF
Overhaul of "fraud-prone" cards currently used in U.S. "long overdue," said.
Convenience Store customer
General Merchandise
Both loyal-to-one, loyal-to-none customers stopped at the convenience store less often
The Pantry Kangaroo Express Convenience Store Foodservice
Shifting strategy expected to "close gap" created by changing sales patterns, competition.
General Merchandise
Competitive channel leader still expects net increase in store count in fiscal 2014
Lykins Energy Solutions R.C. Miller Oil
Fuels News
Petroleum marketing, energy company acquires fuel oil business