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Raw data from exclusive CSP/Technomic consumer survey
Fuels Technology & Equipment
Honored for retail petroleum equipment financing
Snacks & Candy
Triples c-store display cases, switches to hot glazing
Second Ceres, Calif., location leverages convenience store
See which won consumers' favor … and how they did it.
Community Outreach
Deadline for entries in 7-Eleven's franchise fee waiver contest due January 25.
Proposes 30-day notification requirement, national standard
CSP Magazine
Is November’s Republican landslide across Congressional and gubernatorial races the emphatic mandate the GOP had been craving since Newt Gingrich’s revolution more than 20 years ago? Or is it a mood swing reminiscent of 2006, when Democrats seemed to win every close race and claimed both Houses during Bush’s fınal two years?
CSP Magazine
There’s a lot to keep an eye on in this new year. Here are just some of the trends and big potential news worth watching.