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New report supports calls for lifting export restrictions, suggests SPR review
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Consider the more recent initiatives in the c-store industry that will demand even more technology innovation: loyalty marketing, mobile payments, digital couponing and digital currencies, EMV, data security and protection of consumer information, etc. Successfully addressing these new initiatives will require a solid technology foundation in place within your organization.
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Pugh previously was with Fresh & Easy, Walmart, Sam's Club.

70% of Consumers Interested in Digital Gift Cards

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Digital or mobile gift-card use is on the rise, according to data shared by technology firm InComm and presented during CSP’s Prepaid, Financial Services and Mobile Wallet Forum in Las Vegas. Seventy-eight percent of consumers surveyed by InComm report they have received a digital gift card, and nearly 70% agree they are more interested in purchasing digital gift card now than two or three years. Here’s a look at how digital gift cards are being used, both by consumers and in business-to-business environments.

Will be exclusive card for Sinclair's more than 300 distributors through 2024 .
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CPGs want to speak directly to customers, but what about marketing dollars?
Software analyzes merchandising, pricing, marketing, capital expenditures issues
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Will use proceeds to repay indebtedness under revolving credit facility, more
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Retailer's seventh fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling location to open in Arkansas.