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After years of claims that hydrogen fuel-cell technology was about to debut—only to be delayed—it appears we now have a firm date: 2015. That’s when Toyota, Honda and Hyundai plan to introduce hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV) to the mass market, and California hopes to open the first network of about 37 hydrogen-fueling stations in the country. The hard part? Getting those fueling stations open.
CSP Magazine
The world of prepaid and gift cards is about to undergo a sweeping transformation, and smartphones and digital habits are the catalysts. The foundational shift comes from the growing use of mobile phones as transactional devices.
Retailer groups praise signing of BuySecure executive order on financial security
Technology exhibitors expand cloud ability, cellphone options
NACS Show sessions cover loyalty, along with data sharing, security
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How Maverik confronted, and improved upon, its legacy stores using the 80-20 rule.
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Desire to disprove notion that "all convenience stores are the same" driving.
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Despite federal delays, retailers shouldn’t wait to develop health-care strategy
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Teams up with Intel, Wincor Nixdorf, GSTV for cloud-based solutions