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Retailers report soft if stabilizing business conditions as crude continues to flirt with $40

Growing demand and global upheaval to keep pressure on crude

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Is the summer rally for crude over and will we retouch the lows? The short answer is no. Despite Iran grabbing market share and producing 10 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil, and the Saudis holding at 12 million barrels, world demand is improving rapidly. This is led by...

Weekly columnists to provide insight on the forces and trends shaping the fuels business

CHICAGO -- CSP Daily News and Winsight LLC are debuting several new columnists this month to share insights and opinions on the entire fuel landscape. They include: Joe Petrowski , founder of investment firm Mercantor Partners LLC, Framingham, Mass., and former CEO of Cumberland Farms and Gulf Oil...

Wholesale gasoline prices the lowest in the land, but not for long
EPA study finds moderate to severe corrosion in most tanks .
How much crude prices shape fuel margins depends greatly on the retailer .
More than one-third of gas stations selling regular at $2 or less
Pump price drops more than 7 cents as supply outpaces demand

Households spend savings at restaurants, stores--and gas stations

Swelling crude, gasoline supplies should keep summer averages low: AAA .