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Energy markets

Why prices are low, why they will stay low and what could reverse the plunge

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- In his fabulous book about prediction , Nate Silver introduced the concept of distinguishing between the signals and the noise. Although Silver famously missed the prediction on our recent presidential election, his predictive powers are still among the best, and the concept in...

Gas prices

Crude oil bounce a no-show

CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Nationally, the regular-grade retail gasoline price dropped 0.46 cents in the past two weeks, even though crude-oil prices bounced up the equivalent of about a dime per gallon. Refiners passed through higher oil prices into wholesale gasoline, but retailers did not—thereby...

Credit cards

With EMV liability-shift deadline delayed, fuel retailers ponder when to make the shift

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. -- As convenience-store retailers weigh when to upgrade their fuel dispensers to meet Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) standards in advance of the 2020 liability shift , one big question is how to maximize the return on that investment. At the recent Gilbarco Retail Technology...


Refiner, retailer weigh in on fuel demand, the Trump administration and OPEC

What consumers want and why many won’t participate

E15 gas pump
The opportunity—and challenge—of offering the higher-ethanol gasoline blend
Gas Prices
Does your procurement and street-pricing staff perform these essential tasks? .
Valero gas station

The largest U.S. refiner sees growth opportunities in fuel demand, RINs and more

Oil rig
Crude-oil costs have dropped, but gasoline prices are on the rise
Tesla Model 3

Enthusiasm for electric vehicles and hybrids consistent, despite lower gasoline prices: AAA