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Fee would supplement gas taxes as fleet becomes more fuel-efficient

WASHINGTON -- As vehicles across the United States become more fuel-efficient, some states are considering whether and how to tax autonomous vehicles to make up for lost gas-tax revenue. In Massachusetts, proposed legislation would levy a 2.5-cents-per-mile tax on autonomous vehicles, The Detroit...

Demand aftereffects may linger before trends reverse: GasBuddy

BOSTON -- Thanks to the recent solar eclipse, some Northwest states saw large jumps in their weekly retail gasoline price averages. While the nationwide trend for retail gasoline prices was downward, 10 states’ retail averages rose, with most of them in the Northwest and Rockies, according to...

As Mexico deregulates its fuel market, which familiar names are planning to cross the Rio Grande?

Competition from supermarkets and EVs pressure the U.K. fueling industry .
New program rolls out as diesel demand is forecast to accelerate
Technology advancements, lower costs are helping EVs in race to replace gasoline: Bloomberg .

The latest retailers and places to see electric-vehicle infrastructure development

Gasoline and diesel theft, resale increasingly rampant across the South and Southwest
New system could replace gasoline tax as road-funding mechanism
Operator advertised cash-only price on street sign, omitting higher credit price, lawsuit claims