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Pursuit of convenience comes at the expense of price: GasBuddy

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Thrive program in partnership with GreenPrint to offset Twice Daily fuel emissions

NASHVILLE -- Tri Star Energy has partnered with GreenPrint to debut a reduced-emissions program for fuel purchases at all of its Twice Daily convenience stores. Launching in April, the Thrive program will calculate the tailpipe emissions for each gallon of all grades of gasoline bought by Twice...


Andeavor plans for 150 sites in 5 years 

SAN ANTONIO -- In an eastward expansion of the gasoline brand, Andeavor plans to add more than 150 Arco-branded sites in the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Minnesota over the next five years. The refiner/marketer has three refineries and 19 product supply terminals in the region that will supply the sites...

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Loyalty program members would have the option to use, earn miles on fuel purchases

New pumps and systems show potential to transform the fueling experience

Yoshi continues to expand on heels of ExxonMobil investment
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3 ways to harness automation and prepare for exceptions

Strategy would 'help mitigate ... high RIN costs'.
Pending legislation would likely force gasoline prices up 10 CPG
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Wawa ramps up its Tesla partnership, and more updates in electric