E-85 Comes to NC

Gasland site first in state to offer alternative fuel

SHELBY, N.C. -- A Gasland USA convenience store in Shelby, N.C., last week became the first gas station in North Carolina to offer E-85 and E-10 ethanol products to consumers.

On Friday, July 29, officials from the station owner, Ray Thomas Petroleum Co., joined the Cleveland County Chamber and area dignitaries for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, unveiling the alternative fueling option for area motorists.

Ray Thomas, owner of Thomas Petroleum, said that all local residents can use E-10, which is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% [image-nocss] gasoline, to operate their vehicles. He added that many newer model cars can burn E-85 as an alternative to regular gasoline. Only flex-fuel vehicles can use E-85, Thomas said. These vehicles have a stainless steel fuel line from the tank to the injection system, which prevents the injectors from becoming clogged.

E-10 boasts an octane of 90, and E-85 has an octane of 105. The higher octane rating, the slower the fuel burn, and the less likely the engine will knock.

In addition to the ethanol fuels, Thomas Petroleum is also offering bio-diesel fuel for any vehicle that runs on diesel.