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Chains make moves to add alternative fuel in 2017

CHICAGO -- Compressed natural gas (CNG) will appear at two convenience-store chains in the next year. First up, Family Express , which has nearly 70 sites in Indiana. The Valparaiso, Ind.-based chain is finalizing plans to add CNG to its Portage, Ind., c-store on Route 249 and AmeriPlex Drive,...

The latest supply and retail price news following the Oct. 31 pipeline shutdown

Routes to provide basis for alternative-fueling network across 35 states

WASHINGTON -- Wondering where future alternative-fueling sites might be located? The government has an idea. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced 55 routes across 35 states that will serve as the beginnings of a national network of alternative-fuel...

Repairs, states of emergency and other updates from the Colonial Pipeline shutdown

New York, Pennsylvania drivers see differing economics for crossing the border .

Accident triggers second closing of critical supply line in two months


More locations to come in Virginia as chain taps into USDA grants
Supercharger station may be just the first for New Jersey chain .
Sponsorship of Houston Dynamo sets stage for 2017 debut

Many fuel suppliers stepped up during Hurricane Matthew to keep the Southeast fueled.