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E15 has been gaining popularity since its introduction, and one chain in particular has noticed a considerable uptick in customer interest.

Brought to you by Growth Energy. When E15 gas was first introduced in 2010, it was only approved for use for about 15% of vehicles on U.S. roads. Today, it’s compatible with cars model year 2001 or newer—about 9 out of 10 cars on the road. Cars with a “Flex Fuel” badge can swap between E85 gas and...

With more countries planning a shift to EVs, could the United States follow?

PARIS -- France plans to ban the sale of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot announced the goal to end sales of these vehicles by 2040, as one of many efforts aimed at helping France meet its commitments to battling climate change, Reuters reported . The...

EPA holds steady on corn-based ethanol, examines RIN-market manipulation

WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposed blending volumes for biofuels under President Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt for the first time this week. While corn-based ethanol and biodiesel volumes would hold steady, other biofuels would see cuts under the...

Volvo planning switch from internal-combustion engine beginning in 2019 .

And seven that will rise this week

New supply partnerships accelerate brand expansion through the Eastern seaboard .
Independence Day promotion to offer free fuel in Minneapolis-St. Paul market  .

Retailers offering carbon-offsets on fossil fuels to win customer loyalty

Undocumented immigrants are avoiding driving, some suggest .

New York location marks ramp-up of aggressive brand rollout across 26 states