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New study questions whether midstream can handle the HOF

GOLDEN, Colo. -- As automakers pursue more powerful, streamlined engines that run on higher-octane fuel (HOF), a new study questions whether terminals today can actually store the greater quantities of ethanol blended into the finished product. First, some background: Automakers are interested in...

Legislator opposes lifting ban, says fuel retailers would not pass along savings

TRENTON, N.J. -- New Jersey will “never” allow self-service fueling if one influential state lawmaker has his way. State Senate president Stephen Sweeney (D), who also may run for governor in 2017, said he would “never” let legislation lifting New Jersey’s self-serve fueling ban advance as long as...

State Supreme Court upholds earlier ruling that allowed gas pumps

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- After a nearly decade-long battle with local fuel retailers, Costco can finally add gasoline pumps to its Vermont warehouse club. Costco Wholesale Corp. first raised plans to add gas pumps to its store in Colchester, Vt., in 2007, as part of an expansion of the site, according to...

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