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Retailers, politicians urge conservative gasoline use

OAK BROOK, Ill. -- From coastal areas in Florida and Texas to less-expected locations such as Detroit and Ontario, panic buying and gasoline outages seemed to be the norm Friday afternoon as Hurricane Rita closed in on the Texas-Louisiana coast. Ultimately, just where Rita's wandering eye would hit...

Hurricanes underscore need for more refineries

HOUSTON -- Production losses from the shutdown of Gulf Coast refineries in expectation of Hurricane Rita's arrival, as well as damage from the storm itself, could ripple through the nation's gasoline market for weeks, said the Wall Street Journal. With four refineries knocked out of operation by...

Requests information from DOE on restarting old, building new units

WASHINGTON -- House Energy & Commerce Committee ranking member Representative John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) has sent a letter to Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman concerning the possible expansion of U.S. refining capacity through the construction of new refineries. Dingell cited Hurricane...

Investigations come up with nothing
Citizens leaving Houston area as hurricane barrels toward oil refineries
Sessel details initiatives to protect competition in petroleum industry
Motiva Enterprises LLC, the U.S. joint venture owned by Shell Oil Co. and Saudi Refining Inc., said it is considering a capital investment strategy.
After Katrina, new hurricane has consumers and refiners on edge
OPEC ups spare capacity commitment
Concerned over excessive profits